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Zanzibar – Africa’s Tropical Paradise

Zanzibar cruises

Zanzibar Island is located in the Indian Ocean on the eastern part of Tanzania Mainland, a fantastic spot to escape from the world. Zanzibar is wealthy ever, with various archaeological destinations spotting the island, most prominently at Unguja, just toward the north of the highway.

Captivating Sunsets

Zanzibar cruise

Sunset in Zanzibar Island is very captivating to visitors and tourists. The phenomenal white sand and the beach breeze are undoubtedly worthy of visiting. The Unguja and Pemba islands making up the Zanzibar are incredible in the evening with a fantastic sunset.

Zanzibar Climate


Zanzibar owes its environment to its nearness to the equator and the Indian Ocean atmosphere. It is a lot cooler as it is encircled by the ocean, resulting from cooling winds blow in the dry season storms and harming. Wet season dry winds are believed to be brought to the areas by the environmental change.

Zanzibar Beaches


The charm of Zanzibar is ageless. White sands and turquoise waters ring the island and impact entwine in Stone Town to shape a rich social background. Fine white sands edge clear turquoise waters, and conventional Arabic dhows sail into the sunrise. Coconut palms wave tenderly in the breeze.

Beautiful Stone Town


Zanzibar Town is the island's primary settlement, and the recorded old Stone Town is its central core. It's an excellent spot to get submerged in island rhythms. A deep stretch of the seafront of Zanzibar beach in the evening watches the sunset and appreciates the passing scene.

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