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#WHY AMAZING South Africa

South Africa, located on the southern end of the Africa continent, offers a huge cultural diversity and an unparalleled natural beauty that distinguishes it from other African countries. Since the eradication of racial separation, it has become one of the most common places for tourism.


Kruger National Park is famous for predators, and it is among the biggest and oldest Safari wildlife reserves of South Africa. I saw dozens of elephants, zebra, crocodiles, hippos, and lions in the Kruger National Park. Kruger has elephants in sheer excess. The figure tells that millions of tourists come from everywhere to Kruger to witness wildlife scenery. Kruger National Park offers "wilderness trails", and this is the most fascinating part. We can walk through Kruger in wilderness trails, in which a private ranger-guided us through the park. In Olifants trail, we got the opportunity to observe hippos and crocodiles. There are significant numbers of animal species as well as birdlife in the Kruger National Park. We have also seen some amazing archaeological sites in Kruger, including Thulamela and Masorini. According to my experience, the best place to witness the amazing safari scenery is the Timbavati game reserve.

Robben Island

Let’s talk about the famous Robben Island, located North of Cape Town. The Island has used as a prison and captured politicians isolated during the apartheid years. This Island remained prison for the Great Nelson Mandela. As far as mammals are concerned, we found out that 23 species exist on Robben Island. These include; Eland, Lizards, Snakes, Tortoise, fallow deer, and the list goes on and on.

Gold Reef City

Gold reef city in the heart of Johannesburg provides one of the greatest Casinos in the World. There are a huge variety of gaming choices that Gold Reef City has to offer. The traditional music and dance of Africa are found through the complex of the Gold reef. The museum in the complex also depicts the beautiful Apartheid. To have fun, chill, excitement, and gaming, Gold Reef City is the place to be. The Casino of Gold Reef City is open 24/7, so one can enjoy it at any available time. The Gold reefs colorful life provides a unique experience to travelers that they can't get anywhere else in the World.


Gold Reef City Casino has delicious hygienic restaurants that have superb taste. Visitors also enjoy the entertainment of fantastic designs of Casino. There are different varieties of International foods, tea, and coffee shop; therefore, someone can enjoy food as per his taste.


The culture of South Africa has enormous diversity, and it is regarded as the Rainbow Nation. There are so many cultures and religions that exist in South Africa. People of different religions, races, colors, and ethnicities live under the South Africa flag.


South Africans are a meat-loving nation. Chicken, mutton, beef, goat, and different types of meat you enjoy in South Africa. Often weekends are celebrated with grilled meat and maize.