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Rwanda is a small landlocked country in Africa. The Republic of Rwanda is an amazing country that has thousands of beautiful lakes to captivate tourists. In our journey to Rwanda have seen some of the most beautiful and wildlife places that I would love to share.


The top of the list is Volcanoes National Park. The most catchy thing about this Park is that it is home to hundreds of gorillas. Not only this but also Volcanoes National Park has over 200 species of unique birds. I enjoyed this park as I got the opportunity to see the mountain gorilla in the Park. There were ten families of gorillas in the park, and we follow the guide to take precautions, as these gorillas are wild animals.

Akagera National Park

Algeria National Park consists of lakes, wetlands, and woodland. This park is one of the amazing Safari parks of Rwanda. Another exciting thing about Akagera National Park is that the families of lions and Black Rhinos add excitement to this park. Also, you can see Zebra, Giraffe, Monkey, Buffalo, and elephants. Over 490 bird species reside in this park, which provides an amazing view for bird lovers. One of my favorite things was the boat trip to Ihema, where we saw many crocodiles and waterbirds. I recommend if you want to fully enjoy the park, take the service of a guide, and travel park by vehicle; this will make your experience even more fascinating.


Kigali lies precisely in the center of Rwanda. The road of Kigali links to the entire country of Rwanda. It extends across hills and valleys to the region, and statistics tell that over 1 million people live in Kigali. The thing that amazed me as a traveler is that the streets in Kigali were neat and clean. The city of Kigali is developing by leaps and bounds. We could see many offices, buildings, and malls constructed to make the city more progressive. We also had the honor to see the Kigali Genocide Memorial. It is in the memory of a million innocent Rwandan citizens brutally assassinated in 1994.


Rwanda manifests various cultures and traditions across its inhabitants. Kigali is well developed enough to host a fashion and style contest every year. There are a lot of cultural events and art museum we witnessed in Rwanda. Music and dance have become a common culture of Rwanda in their celebrations.


Indeed, Rwanda is a haven for wildlife. Rwanda always has been a top tourist position for all Safari lovers. Lions, elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, and hundreds of bird species make Rwanda an exciting place for Safari.