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Victoria Falls – Natural Wonders Waterfall, Zambia


Victoria Falls is a cascade on the Zambezi River in southern Africa, which gives the territory to a few special plants and creatures—situated on the line between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is viewed as one of the world's most enormous cascades because of its width of 1,708m.

Home to a ‘Moonbow’


Victoria Falls is home to a 'Moonbow,' which is a rainbow around evening time. As the sun sets on a full moon, Victoria Falls has an uncommon and extraordinary sight. The scene keeps going from nightfall to dawn and is one of Africa's generally particular and striking mysteries.

The Smoke that Thunders


Confronting the Falls, ‘the smoke that thunders’ is another sheer mass of basalt, ascending to similar tallness and covered by fog splashed tropical jungle. Along the edge of the backwoods, away gives the guest site to overcome the huge shower, with an unmatched arrangement of perspectives on the Falls.

Spectacular Scenes


Victoria Falls presents a beautiful sight of remarkable magnificence and greatness on the Zambezi River, framing Zambia and Zimbabwe's boundaries. In more current terms, Victoria Falls is known as the best window ornament of falling water, the awe-inspiring beauty on the planet.

Splendid Visit Place


A picnic or holiday close to Victoria Falls can be a genuinely otherworldly encounter and ideal for those searching for a lovely picnic place. Ways to find Victoria Falls are on a sundowner voyage, fly drifting, and wilderness boating where you can see the renowned 'moonbow' wake up.

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