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With you being our topmost priority as well as responsibility, we believe in safe traveling. IntelSafari and the entire team have put upon themselves a duty to make sure your trip is hustle free. We are available for assistance 24/7 without any unidentified mishaps. Alongside this, the idealities that might occur, causing any inconvenience, you can stay rest assured that we manage everything.


Your Care is Our Top Priority

Our new healthy protocol is design to protect our clients and the staff from ensuring the travel experience is conducted safely for our customers and a healthy working environment for our local suppliers and partners. No matter what time, place, or destination you choose, we are ready to answer queries you might have regarding the trip. To ensure your trip's high standard services, we highly believe that custom-guided tours are the best choice for the best travel experience; the rest is to us. We will make sure that your trip is how you imagined it, safe, and sound every step of the way.


Emergency Information

We mention how invested we are in making your trip unforgettable. With our brochures comes emergency information necessary for a safe traveling experience. The addresses, phone numbers of the localities, and any emails in that area in case of emergency are mentioned there. Your safety, your insurance, we always make it up in case of any mishap. As best travel company, we have complete licensed authority over the police of the traveling region and manage safety measures.


24/7 Full Support while Abroad.

As an experienced safari company, we can assure you that any destination you choose, our travel experts are up to date with information daily. While enjoying your trip, our professional guides can be flexible to adjust or suggest changes of game-viewing routes to ensure your travel experience is delivered safely, comfortably, and beyond expectations. Our 24/7 communication procedures with guides while on safari have been essential tools to deliver and address any issues that need immediate attention.