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Flying in thin air and exploring breathtaking sceneries from an upside view is the remarkable experience we wish for at some point in our lives. Realize this desire by undertaking a high journey on the hot air balloon. The sky is nearer with this safari as you transverse the imaginary and amusing roads of African skies with your loved ones. Behold the natural beauty and wilderness of Africa by flying on a hot air balloon over the Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania and the Kenyan natural reserve of Masai Mara. Fulfill your adventure craving by moving on a hot air balloon above these parks in this lifetime experience.


The African lands have a diversity of birds. With nature’s joyous gift in the form of colorful and distinct bird species in Africa, enhance, enjoy, and retain your peace of mind standing in African lands enjoying the beauty and bounty of the earth. Entertain your vision with the visual treat of watching the native birds flex their features, fly in style, and color the African skies. Fetch your binoculars or cameras and see the bird routes and habitats far and wide. Not vision, give a mesmerizing treat to your ears by listening to the majestic and mind soothing languages of these indigenous flying beings in our bird watching Safari.


The beauty of African landscapes and native animal species is priceless and invaluable. Make this lifetime experience a memory by participating in our photographic or filming safari. Record and capture these natural aesthetics in your camera and filming rolls to make the entertaining remembrances always stay with you. These scenes are as pleasing and peaceful physically, as they will be in your photographic records. Transverse slowly through the natural pathways of African natural parks, with photograph maker equipment in your hands to best document and preserve the happenings you experience in the African territories. The photographic or filming safari will be one of its type experience for you.


Embark on a walking safari to have direct encounters with nature. Tread paths of forests, grasslands, beaches, and other areas of the African continent to have a first-hand and original experience of the happenings around you. Be at a safe distance from herds of animals such as hippos, zebras, and others to enjoy their presence wholly and securely. A walking safari extends to days such that you could observe and enjoy every minute detail if you want to. Come with us on our walking safari as our instructors guide you to avail the authenticity and detailed experience as we derive enjoyment and value from each step we take together.


Observe the World more vividly on a cruise trip. From our services related to the river and sea cruises, you could choose the one which will provide the most wholesome experience to you. While enjoying the moving breeze while cruising, entertain yourself with the breathtaking natural scenarios and destination beauties that come along your excursion. Plan your cruise trip to take a break from the repetitive scenes and to celebrate the panoramas which come along your cruise journey. Blue sky, blue waters, and colorful lands along the banks of the river and seashores keep calling for escapades you have not experienced before.


Come scuba diving in waters along African sea-shores to undergo the other world experience. The sea waters hold secrets and it waits for your exploration and search. Watch and witness the living beings from fishes to marine plants and other sea life which thrive underwater, away from the direct human gaze. Move in the waters to behold subtle, unwitnessed, lifetime experiences. Our scuba diving professionals lace you with all the paraphernalia you need to realize your aspiration. From breathing apparatus and exposure protection suit to fins and masks, our service providers make your underwater experience one of its type and memorable.