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Masai Mara Game Reserve – Kenya’s Wildlife Jewel


Situated in the Great Rift Valley's open grasslands, Masai Mara Game Reserve is considered the most significant Kenya's natural tourist destination. The reserve is known for its vast grassland plains covering thousands of acres of land that provide homage to more than 400 species of birds alone, with over 95 animal species.

Nature’s Paradise


Countless groups of wild animals wandering upon the Masai Mara Game Reserve's endless grasslands portray what a paradise on earth might look like. The enchanting scenery and the big five animals of the reserve attract visitors, especially naturalists from every corner of the globe.

The Game of Great Migration


The term ‘Game’ in the Masai Mara Reserve depicts the great cyclic migration of millions of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles around the year. The region is famous for the largest ever and epic wildlife migration, unseen anywhere else in the world.

The Right Time to Visit


If you are thinking of spectating the world-famous migration while also enjoying the pleasant weather, you must visit the Mara Reserve in the months between July and October. Calm sunny mornings with cloudy afternoons and rainy evenings are no doubt the best time to visit.

Homelike Tourist Accommodation


Witnessing the great migration inside the Mara triangle, under the deep blue sky, is the dream of every tourist. And the Mara Reserve provides just that. Visitors can view beautiful meadows' mesmerizing views while relaxing themselves on cozy pillows inside well-furnished camps and luxurious lodges.

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