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Maasai Culture – A Station of Unique Music


The Maasai Tribe is an ethnic group belonging to the African region where an assemblage of semi-nomadic people is settled around Kenya and Tanzania. Undoubtedly, Maasai is among the leading and oldest ethnic groups in Africa. Because of having a distinct and unique culture, Maasai people are known for their correlation with national parks and reserves.

The Home to Interesting Housings


Inkajijik is a rare term used for the housing constructs of the Maasai women. These houses hardly depend upon technological advancements and the latest tools. Instead, being impermanent, the traditional nomadic Maasai people build their loam-shaped and circular boma village with the most thought-provoking material (cow dung and animal urine).

Gifts of Natural Reserves


Maasai contains significant reserves of freshwater, a gift for the people of Kuku and the Habitat reserves. More than seven million people living around the region benefit from Maasai's reserves' fresh water. The reserves offer a natural and subtle lifestyle for the wildlife passing through the Maasai.

Calm and Cool Nights


Located in Southwest Kenya, Maasai is known for having a moderate climate, mostly with calm and relaxed nights. All year-round, the weather of the territory stays pleasantly warm. Influenced by several factors, climate changes are prone to happen in the Maasai land.

A Site of Pastoralism

Maasai, playing an essential role in the ecosystem's safety, has been declared a pastoralism site. People living in Maasai have always contributed towards the growth of fresh roots over the bushes and shrubs. The fodder zone contributes to wildlife safety, ultimately helping in the fortification of the ecosystem and climate.

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