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Lake Nakuru National Park – Kenya’s Largest Rhino Sanctuary


The Lake Nakuru National Park, situated in the Central Rift Conservation Area encompassing e Kenya’s famous Nakuru Lake, is known for holding numerous bird and animal species. In addition to 400+ species of birds, the Nakuru national park currently possesses one of the largest populations of black rhinos worldwide, making it the national rhino sanctuary of Kenya.

Excessive Flamingo Population


If you are a bird lover, the Nakuru National park is a perfect place for you. The park supports the growth of the famous bluish-green Cyanophyte Spirulina platensis in huge concentrations. The plant serving as a source of food attracts millions of flamingos and pelicans during the blooming season.

Mesmerizing Landscapes


Being covered with the alkaline Nakuru lake for about one-third portion, the national park portrays beautiful vistas. Enormous flocks of flamingos touching the surface of the water, black rhinos roaming around the grasslands, and herds of buffaloes wandering in the vast green meadows, paint breathtaking and enchanting scenery.

Humid Climate


With a broader lake on one side and huge grassland plains on the other, the park's climate falls in a sub-humid category. The region has pleasant weather that supports the easy survival of different birds and animal species, which allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful landscapes without worrying about the weather.

Roaming through the Meadows


The vast grasslands of the Nakuru National park offer tourists much to explore. The park has a network of paved paths and well-established roads that allows tourists to drive through the pastures while enjoying the scenic landscapes and wild animals.

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