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Adventure of the lifetime

We are proud to say that our customized travel trips cover the top famous destinations in Africa. And the best part is we design these trips based on the clients' needs, preferences, and expectations. In your case, we will design a tailor-made itineraries trips, and each one different than the other based on what you like to see, places to visit, and hotels to stay in. Some come to us to have the adventure of their life, others to have nice family time at the world's most beautiful places.

Why IntelSafari?


Tailor-made trips: We put your vision on your trip

You are the client, and like all previous clients, we ensure to understand your trip vision and hopes and apply them on your trips. Meaning our trips are designed based on your preferences to help you be more confident about making the journey.

The flexibility of changing activities

To give you the best traveling experience, we want to ensure that you are comfortable and excited about the trips you make. One way to that is to give you the exclusive right to be flexible about changing certain plans or activities on your itinerary trip plan. We won't look for your reasons, but we will certainly respect them and work by them.


No fixed dates

To make our clients safe and relaxed, we made a costume approach that allows them to change travel dates, flights, and activities within certain time frame as your scheduled date approach. It’s been made to avoid crowded places and spots that could ruin your confidant zone. You can also change flight dates if you think that is necessary for your health to reflect the new travel schedule.

Culture Interaction

Part of your tailor-made tips is to interact with the locals' traditions, you can taste their food, try it, or even dress like them. Don’t worry about where to find traditional clothes, we know local village markets to where you can buy fabrics from locals and share the experience, to make you look like the locals.


Expert trip planning: Travel with safety and confidence.

Our global and local destination teams considered as the best in their working field, they provide great knowledge and value to your trips. We have destination experts that work 24/7 only to come up with the best trip plans that come hand to hand with your needs.

Best travel places

Chose any country that is in our trip plans, and we will seek to show its best spots, hills, natural views, and its whole package. Your role in the trip is to enjoy the best sights and views, with the help of your destination experts, you will feel like you are walking in a live living museum.


Communication and Luxury

To make you as safe as possible we ensure the best hotel staying with full-time communication with your destination expert. This point is based on the fact that the client must be treated with love, care, and respect.

Private guides: Have fun and learn

With the help of your private guide, you will be able to understand and contact the locals in every place you visit. The guides we provide are well trained, have great knowledge of the places you visit and English speakers.


24/7 Support and assistance

From the moment you depart to the moment you get back home. We guarantee full-time communication, support, and assistance to ensure you are well treated and completely safe. Our support team is available at any time, to keep you on the right track. For the client's trip, we have managed to build an efficient operational team of communication, emergency, and assistance.