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Reinventing Safari Guide Experience for more than 21 years

As professional safari guide in my entire career, understand the importance of creating space where people feel at home and can relax completely far away from home. IntelSafari reflect a perfect crew who work around the clock to make sure your trip resulted to unforgettable experience possible. You can bank on our personal experience in all aspects of your trip from the very first call to our experts inquiring the details to your interested destination, local knowledgeable guides, private vehicles, and the best selected wide-range accommodations.

First-class service with a warm smile

On point everyone, whether Joining small group journey or tailor-made private trip with IntelSafari, hospitality is more than just a tradition, it is a passion – a passion that you will experience in detailed from enthusiastic professional individuals who are taking care of you. With high standard training of service, safety working environment, and amazing company culture of responsiveness, the atmosphere of your trip is relaxed yet perfectly designed to make you feel right at home far away from home.

Truly Immersive Tailor-made

With close attention to detail, on tailor-made trip our travel experts will create an itinerary with imaginative features based to your interest to perfect fit your desire and budget, including places to visit, activities, friendly local guides, well-crafted private safari vehicle, and best accommodations. Of course, your free to choose between join small group trip tour and customized private trip with friends and family either way the experience is impeccable.

Satisfaction Guarantee

With all conveniences of maintaining the first-class service in every departure await for you, IntelSafari private vehicles with open pop-up roof designed specific to allow 360-degree uninterrupted view and enough space for every passenger on board to relax and enjoy the experience. Good sized refrigerator for cold drinks while on safari, 12-volt power supply for charging cameras, iPad, or extra battery for your devices to make sure you won’t miss important actions.

Journey of Discovery

All our trip packages are carefully designed to allow you experience the top destinations that we operate through, our travel experts with extensive knowledge to the region, our experience English speaking guides and tour managers are always eager to take your experience to next level with turns to learn every day.