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Unique and Tested Itineraries

IntelSafari specializes in putting together itineraries tailor-made to fit your choices. Our travel experts curate unique itineraries that cover breathtaking locations, hidden gems, and popular tourist spots. We understand the meaning and significance of a traveling experience, which is why we are committed to giving our clients a taste of the rich and diverse local culture found in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and South Africa.

Local Tour Guides and Tour Directors

We partner with the most trusted and renowned local tour guides to provide you with a memorable experience. Our local tour guides are proud to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey by showing you all that your beautiful destination has to offer. From taking you on a tour of the region’s hidden gems to the popular tourist spots - our local guides go the extra mile to make this experience a special one for you.

Accommodation and Meals

As a full-service tour company, we are committed to delivering an outstanding experience to our valued customers. Choosing to travel with us relieves you of the responsibility of thinking about meals and accommodation arrangements since we do it all for you - and do it perfectly. At IntelSafari, we make accommodation arrangements for you at the most secure and top-notch resorts to the destination with stunning views.

Flights and On-tour Private Transport

At IntelSafari, we allow tourists to indulge themselves and have a great time on Safari excursions. We provide private 4-wheel drive vehicles with a 360-degree viewing capacity, so you can look around in all directions and experience the world of wildlife. We have a large variety of private on-tour vehicles, ideal to fit the needs of Safaris under different jurisdictions.