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An Experience that Promises to Invigorate Your Soul

IntelSafari is all about providing an unforgettable experience that you can reminisce about decades down the line.

Tailor-Made Itineraries Crafted to Fit Your Desires

Traveling is an excellent way of spending quality time with your loved ones. We uniquely craft your itineraries after understanding your preferences to provide you with a fulfilling and memorable experience.

Fun Day of Excursions

IntelSafari is known for curating plans for the perfect hikes and safaris. Whether you want to have a fun time with your loved ones climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or cruising through the wilderness of Africa - we have got you covered.

Relaxing Day at the Resort

Whether you want to go on an idyllic getaway with your partner or spend a relaxing day with your friends and family - we provide options that will leave you feeling over the moon. You can stay at one of the most popular resorts or camp out in a luxury tent to get a taste of the African wilderness.

Small-Group Journeys

IntelSafari arranges small-group trips covering the most stunning sights in Africa. Our small-group journeys are ideal for those who enjoy meeting like-minded people from around the globe and want to experience the rich each destination first-hand.

Authentic Cuisine

At IntelSafari, we believe a traveling experience is fulfilling only when you try delicious authentic cuisine. We have partnered with the leading local chefs, so you get to try the local, authentic food when you travel with us.

A Heaven for Photography Enthusiasts

Our journeys cover spots with the most breathtaking views that will leave you in awe. If you are a photography enthusiast, we will enrich your experience by helping you curate a perfect travel photography portfolio.