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South Africa

Make the most of your visit count in South Africa

What do you like to explore the most? The big 5 or the whales, or what about Winelands? South Africa tours will let you explore even more than that. Book the best holiday packages in South Africa and spend your vacations there with your family. Your South Africa trip would be the best gift you could ever give your children. Do not forget to take a quick trip to Cape Town during your South Africa safari holidays. It will add a Mediterranean twist to a South African safari. Exploring the Cape Town Wineland will bring you close to the wildlife of South Africa. There are various species that you will come across for the first time.

Best time to visit South Africa

The best time to book South Africa tour packages is from July to November. During this period, South Africa’s Whale Coast welcomes migratory whales arrive from the icy Antarctic. The whales come to mate and give birth in warmer waters. The town of Hermanus lies at the center of the whale-watching experience. It is known as the best land-based whale-watching destination in the world.

Where to go in South Africa

There are several travel agencies in South Africa through which you can organize your Cape Town tours packages. You will enjoy your Cape Town tours more on the famous Red bus of Cape Town. The Garden Route is a great spot for self-drive adventures. You can also add KwaZulu-Natal's big game and pristine beaches to your trip to Cape Town through the Wineland route.

  • Kruger National Park:It is the most exciting destination of the South African safari. You will witness nature at its best and the wildlife enjoying it to their fullest. Here you can easily explore the big 5, including the elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, and buffalo. It is a great attraction for wildlife enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Madikwe Game Reserve:It is not among the popular spots for South African safari, yet it is a great destination you should explore. It is currently the fifth largest game reserve in South Africa.
  • Phinda Game Reserve: It is also known as Phinda Resource Reserve. It is located in the lush Zululand region of Northern KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
  • Pilanesberg National Park: It is another great game reserve in South Africa in the Bojanala region. You can spot various species there, which is a great exploration spot.

Area: 1,221,037 Km sq
Elevation: 1110 m
Population: 59,629,114 (2020)
Capital City:Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein

The golden jowl

Safari in the south

Joining small group journeys, family groups, solo travelers, honeymooners, and adventure groups, in South Africa, you will find that typical, unique and fantastic trip. It will be delightful to have a safari trip in the African south, an outstanding game drive to spot and witness the big 5. Hundreds of bird species and animals as well, greenery sights and entertaining water theme parks. Luxury trips with the sense of the safari experience that makes people so thrilled to buy their ticket to South Africa.

Luxury and adventure

A safari trip in South Africa's wildness combines the human sense of the wild, animals, and the jungle with full luxury accommodation. Rest and have the most delicious meals at Cape Town's finest hotels, Private guides, and tours in the country's best safari places to visit. Relax on the most beautiful coasts and beaches in the world. Family trips to entertaining water parks that make your bones laugh from joy. The concept of these trips is to provide the best adventure and the best relaxing services.

Parks and reserves

There are plenty of places, reserves, and parks to visit in South Africa. Start with the greenery hills capital, Cape Town, one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. Get closer as possible to the known big 5 in South Africa's famous park, Kruger national park, the capital of animal kings and Queens.

For family vacations and honeymoon holidays, the best place to visit is Garden Route, the world's most famous and fascinated Coastline. Or go and witness the excellent big 5 in the gorgeous woodlands of Madikwe game reserve and lose yourself in the game viewing to enjoy the journey in these woods and hills.