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Make the most of your visit count in Rwanda

Rwanda tours will take you to great destination spots where you can plan to spend your next vacation with your family. You will enjoy your Rwanda safari in between the mesmerizing biodiversity of this place. The gorilla trekking in Rwanda during the Rwanda safari is one of the favorite activities of the tourists there. Apart from gorilla tours in Rwanda, you will enjoy the majestic landscape, which adds more to your Rwanda trips. Plan the Rwanda safari tours with your family and kids to let them explore nature from a close end.

Best time to visit Rwanda

If you are looking forward to the best mountain gorilla tours, plan your trip to Rwanda at the best time, from June to September. There you can enjoy gorilla trekking tours in the majestic landscapes of Rwanda. Another great time slot to plan your Rwanda safari is during the rainy season from March to May and November, during which you can enjoy great gorilla tours or gorilla trekking experiences. It is also the optimum time for trekking chimpanzees.

Where to go in Rwanda

Rwanda is much more than the gorilla trips. The beautiful landscape and the hilly areas are a great attraction you will cherish greatly while exploring with your family and kids. The volcanoes and the cave spots there are great attractions for the tourists where you can also visit to explore the beauty of nature.

  • Nyungwe Forest National Park:It is one of the oldest rainforest regions of Africa, where you can see nature at its best and the wild from quite a closer look. You will be amazed by the region's biodiversity and spectacular beauty.
  • Kigali:It is Rwanda's capital city and the largest one among the others. The beautiful hilly landscape has made the place a great attraction for visitors.
  • Ruhengeri: It is the gateway to Volcanoes National Park, home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. The park encompasses the soaring Mount Karisimbi and 4 other forested volcanoes. On the town's outskirts, dense greenery surrounds the bat-filled Musanze Caves.
  • Musanze Caves: The 2 kilometer long cave is constructed with a perfectionist touch that turns out to be a great exploration spot for tourists visiting Rwanda from all over the world.

Area: 26,338 Km sq
Elevation: 1583 m
Population: 12,952,218 (2020)
Capital City:Kigali

The place of hope

Gorilla trekking

Rwanda's main event is the Gorilla trekking trip; you have a chance that one out of many dreams. Having a closer look at the famous and rare surviving mountain gorillas, with the accompany of a private and excellent tracker. Why wouldn't you want to get closer as close as possible to these incredible animals? Take a real amazing safari trip between the hills and climb mountains, hide between trees, to find gorillas families, play the role of an adventure for a while.

Change of scenery

Kigali, Volcanoes national park, Nyungwe national park, and Lake Kivu are the most famous places in Rwanda. You can also add Akagera national park, which is known best for its savannah sights. Whether you want to have a gorilla trek, locate chimpanzees, or discover the typical rainforest of central Africa, you are at the best place to do all of that. The volcanoes national park and Kigali are where you start the gorilla adventure, move from one city to another, and have a spiritual safari at Lake Kivu's breathtaking. Greenery forest, amazing savannah hills, gorilla and chimpanzee families, and the land of the earth's most beautiful birds. In Rwanda, you will witness the adventure of a lifetime that most people afraid of taking.

Wildlife and environments

Rwanda is an interesting mixture of natural views, lands, and hills with incredible wild animals and birds. They share habitats among 13 primates species with the gorillas, chimpanzees, and the famous golden monkey. In this amazing small country lives more than 600 bird species and butterflies in its rolling woods. Things will get much interesting once you enter its national parks; there live the big 5, impressive wild animals. The combination of its natural and rainy environments, beautiful and mind-blowing views makes Rwanda true heaven on the earth.

Natives and culture

As for its original natives, the Rwandan people are some of the most beautiful, amazing, and generous people in the world. You will be amazed by how polite and friendly they are, and that what made visitors grow so fascinated by this place. It is the people who make it safe and fun to visit the safari, not the beasts. They are more attractive as a civilization; you won't expect it even if you do. Exciting food, colorful dressing style and it would be nice to try them, understand and communicate with them.