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Make the most of your visit count in Uganda

Explore wildlife from a closed end in the national parks of Uganda. Explore the top Uganda tours packages to enjoy the best Uganda safaris. More than 10 national parks with great preservation of unique wildlife offer a mesmerizing experience to travelers on Uganda tours. Despite being a land lock country, you will not miss the beach during Uganda safari tours. You will get to explore the world's largest lake on your Uganda safaris and tours. Plan your vacation with the best tour and travel companies in Uganda to enjoy the best Uganda tours.

Best time to visit Uganda

Uganda lies in the tropical region, where you will see a continuous dry wet season. The best time to plan your Uganda safaris is from June to September so that you can enjoy Gorilla trekking in Uganda. It is the prime time for gorilla safaris in Uganda. For the rest of the year, you will witness the hottest months that might not be suitable for your Uganda safari tours. So, plan your trip during the best weather so you can make the most out of it and enjoy your Uganda safari tour to its fullest.

Where to go in Uganda

Plan your tour with the best tour companies in Uganda so you can make the most of your Uganda safaris. You can visit more than 10 national parks to enjoy a close look at the wildlife there. The land lock region is the origin of a beautiful lake home to various species of birds.

  • Virunga Mountains:Virunga Mountains are the home of Uganda gorillas. Trekking activity in the Virunga Mountains is popular among visitors, which is a mandatory part for those out for Uganda gorilla tours.
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park:Witness the big 5 on your safari to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is one of the famous national parks and a complementary exploration spot offered by the best tour companies in Uganda.
  • Lake Victoria: It is not only the largest lake in Africa but is also famous for being the largest tropical lake in the world. You can enjoy fishing and boating there and explore various species there.
  • Nile River: To enjoy whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, and sport fishing, the Nile river is the best spot you should not skip. This river also originates in Uganda and is a famous spot for tourists. If you love thrilling adventures, it is your ideal destination.

Area: 236,040 Km sq
Elevation: 1075 m
Population: 45,741,007 (2020)
Capital City:Kampala

Pearl of Africa

They called it the pearl of Africa, the land of the last surviving mounting gorillas, Uganda of Africa. Uganda is an eastern-Africa country, considered the home of the mounting gorillas and the famous African greenery rainforest. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to have a safari trip in this country, although only one reason can convince you. A lot of fun and stunning adventures are waiting for you in Uganda, the African pearl.

Gorilla’s rainforest

What makes it a success is its gorillas' population, there you will have the chance to enjoy an authentic safari experience. Claim its mounting and walk in its rain forest to track and find the rare mounting Gorillas. Win the privilege to have one of the best tracking experiences in the gorilla forest camp. With stunning insights and breathtaking greenery lands, rainforest, and magnificent creatures at the camp, it's about time to try something new in the wild.

Uganda’s national parks

Don't think that your safari journey ends in one place; Uganda has plenty of insights to visit and explore. You can start the adventure by visiting Lake Victoria than Bwindi to witness the gorilla trekking adventure. As for its national parks, there are four parks the first one is Murchison falls national park. Uganda's biggest park contains all that you think of, lions, elephants, monkeys, and hundreds of bird species. The bird heaven, Queen Elizabeth national park, if you want to rediscover the earth's most beautiful flying creatures, this park will help you achieve that with more than 600 bird kinds.

The remaining two parks are Kibale forest national park and Lake Mburo national park. Both of these parks contain hundreds of bird species, butterflies, and wild animals. Travel to Uganda and get closer more than no one did to the earth's most amazing creatures.

Safari wild beasts and flying creatures

You will discover the real feeling of safari adventure; by choosing the right time to visit, you will discover and get a closer look at primates you never thought possible before. Elephants, lions, zebra, and plenty of wild beast creatures live in Uganda. Or you can have your journey and start finding the last and surviving mountain gorilla. The gorillas' land is also the kingdom of bird species of hundreds and hundreds of and butterflies. In a few simple words, Uganda will help you find the lost purpose of life, adventure, love, and care.


The best safari trip is the one you could interact with nature and its habitats, meaning wild beats and natives. For this part, you will focus on your communication skills with the natives, tribes, and villagers if you find any. Uganda trip is a safari trip and a cultural trip; during your stay in Uganda, you will learn about their traditions, food culture, music culture, myths, beliefs, and daily activities. Interact with the natives and share new memories with one of the best cultural countries in the world.