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Amboseli National Park – Land of Giants in Kenya


Amboseli is known as the best spot in Africa for getting up near free-going elephants. Located northwest of Mt. Kilimanjaro, near the seashores of the Kenya Coast. Amboseli is a picture taker's heaven. The populace is so powerful here that sightings are ensured! It's only one of the reasons the park is the second generally mainstream in Kenya.

Amboseli Wildlife Sanctuary


On Amboseli's extraordinary skylines, you can spot wildebeest, zebra, bison, gazelle, cheetahs, and lions - more modest well-evolved creatures like a hyena, foxes, jackals, vervet monkey, and the yellow mandrill proliferate. It is also a decent birding objective. Huge quantities of flamingos might be available during the wet season.

Best time to visit


The park is open all year and consistently available. Visit during January and February, and from June to October. This season is portrayed by "short rains," trailed by "long rains" and a drier period. This is the time the creatures run to the bogs, lakes, and other water openings.

Top Visit Activities


Amboseli is an incredible park for family safaris. It offers an incredible encounter for kids going on a safari and a lot of exercises and facilities that cater to families. A jeep safari is an implausible method to investigate Amboseli. A few days in Amboseli are sufficient to incorporate any event two game drives.

Maasai People


Discover the Maasai individuals spread around the Amboseli National Park. Visit with them and experience a genuinely legitimate and old African culture. You can also visit to see and meet these credible itinerant individuals and find out about their way of life and way of life.

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