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Last Updated: 4/3/21 | May 3rd, 2021 (Originally published 3/30/15)

In Kenya and Tanzania Safari countries, the most exciting tribe is the Maasai, exciting traditions, and the fascinating jumping dance

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The Maasai is a Nilotic ethnic group that inhabits Tanzania and Kenya primarily. They are the most famous people in all of Africa for their fantastic culture.

Maasai people have lived in Kenya and Tanzania for hundreds of years with their same culture and traditions.

Their unique and distinct colorful dress and cultural practices make them the most exciting and extraordinary African people.


The most beautiful thing about Maasai culture is the Maasai dance and Maasai musical voice melodies. The name of the Maasai dance is 'Adamu.' Adamu means "the jumping dance." As the name implies, everyone jumps in this dance, and they never let their heels touch the ground.

The Maasai people form a circle, and typically two people come to the center and start jumping high in the air, while other group members raise their voices high to make the fantastic Maasai dance more joyful.


Maasai music is unique and melodic. The song leader sings a melodious song provided by a chorus of harmonies in a great rhythm makes the music sensational. Woman chant and sings songs in praising their sons.

Flirting is also observed between men and women during singing and dancing to create a romantic environment for observers. Both men and women chant rhythmically in an engaging manner. Experiencing a tremendous Maasai culture is an incredible experience.

The unique Maasai dance, great hospitality of Maasai people, and extraordinary service of Safari travel can make your trip remarkable, and you'll love to experience it again and again.