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Last Updated: 4/3/21 | May 3rd, 2021 (Originally published 3/30/15)

IntelSafari, a private-guided travel company, offers a great opportunity to its Safari lovers to witness Earth’s greatest mammals’ movement. We offer our exclusive trips to Kenya and Tanzania to witness the great migration.

Around 2 million wildebeests, including lions, zebra, gazelle, eland, and impala, traverse from the Southern plains of Serengeti and moves to Kenya's Maasai Mara.

This beautiful wildlife scenery can be best enjoyed in July and August, but this amazing wildlife scenery can also be seen in some other months. Intel Safari aims to make your journey of witnessing the great migration more exciting and joyful.


This indeed is the most dramatic and sensational mammals movement for every animal lover and naturalist. This beautiful sight can be witnessed in different months on Serengeti.

The most spectacular part is of crossing the Mara River which is at the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Crossing the Grumeti river in Tanzania is also full of challenges for these herds, and it is a matter of survival of the fittest. This still is incomparable to the threat of crossing the Mara river where hundreds of hungry crocodiles beneath the surface are ready to feed these mammals.

This whole dramatical scene can be witnessed in the middle of the year in Serengeti, and it is an awe-inspiring movement for all travelers. Come and join the Intel Safari tour to Kenya and Tanzania, and experience once in a lifetime wildlife experience under complete expert guidelines.