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Last Updated: 4/3/21 | May 3rd, 2021 (Originally published 3/30/15)

Serengeti is a fantastic wildlife region in Northern Tanzania, and it is among the most prominent homes to predators. There won't be any exaggeration in saying that every large animal of Eastern African is found in Serengeti National Park.

Intel Safari offers exclusive luxury trips to the beautiful region of Serengeti, where tourists can see and witness the world's most remarkable wildlife scenery with amusement and excitement.


Serengeti has enormous biodiversity; the Park possesses over 300 species of mammals and over 500 species of birds.

Serengeti is very popular and famous for predators, mainly cheetahs, elephants, lions, and leopards. It has over 3000 lions and 1000 leopards, which makes it among the largest parks for predators.

The wilderness of Serengeti makes it the most attractive and appealing place for Safari lovers. Our expert team will guide you through the Serengeti park to ensure that you get the best experience in enjoying wildlife scenery.


The thing that made Serengeti special is the 'Great Migration'. Around 2 million wildebeests, including lions, zebra, gazelle, eland, and impala, traverse from the Southern plains of Serengeti and moves to Kenya's Maasai Mara.

Indeed, is the most dramatic and sensational mammals’ movement for every animal lover and naturalist. You can witness this beautiful sight of Serengeti all year round.


Serengeti is considered among the seven wonders of Africa. The utter vastness of Serengeti makes its wilderness unique and attractive from all other wilder areas.

The substantial diversity of animals and birds in amazing Serengeti makes it the most abundant ecosystem in the Globe. There are more than 500 species of birds that exist in the Park.

These include grey-breasted spurfowl, Fischer's lovebird, grey-chested helmet shrike, and the list goes on and on. It truly was a breathtaking experience to see the birds' beauty in the Serengeti park. Come and join the Intel Safari tour to Serengeti, and experience once in a lifetime wildlife experience under complete expert guidelines.